Letters of Recommendation

TO THE APPLICANT:  Include two letters of recommendation attesting to your character, ability, integrity and potential.  One letter should be from a teacher/instructor.  Choose your references wisely. References must be from persons not related to you.  Reference letters must be submitted with the completed application packet.  Provide this sheet to each reference to include with the reference letter.

TO THE REFERENCE:  Thank you for agreeing to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of this scholarship applicant.  Your recommendation is an important part of the application packet.  We request that you follow the guidelines below:

  1. Please be sure that the information provided is legible.
  2. Please address the following areas in your letter: character, ability, integrity and potential.
  3. DOT NOT use the applicant’s name anywhere on your letter, but rather provide this cover sheet with the letter.
  4. Limit your letter to no more than one single-spaced page.
  5. After you have completed and signed your letter, please fill out and attach this page to the front of your letter and return it to the applicant for submission.
  6. Please be aware that your letter of recommendation must be included with the entire application packet that the student submits.



 Please fill in this information and attach this cover sheet to your letter of recommendation.

Applicant Name: ________________________________________________________

Reference Name:  _______________________________________________________

Reference Title/Occupation:  ______________________________________________

Reference Email: _____________________________ Reference Phone: ___________

Relationship to Applicant: _________________________________________________