Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application period to apply for scholarships?

The scholarship application period typically begins in November and closes in February. View our eligibility section for additional details.

Who is eligible to receive a scholarship?

Dependent high school seniors and military spouses are eligible to receive a scholarship. View more eligibility requirements here.

Are there any admission requirements in terms of educational institution, and where should this institution be located?

Applicants must be accepted or expect to be accepted by a regionally accredited college or university in the U.S. or its territories and pursuing a first bachelor’s degree.

Can I defer the scholarship I have been awarded?

Yes. A scholarship can be deferred until May of the following award year by submitting a deferral request after receiving an award letter.

Can I receive a scholarship more than once?

No, our scholarships are one-time awards and are not renewable.

Who reviews and evaluates scholarship applications?

Applications are first reviewed for completeness and anonymized by the Vice President. Subsequently, a panel of eight judges evaluates each application. The selection committee includes volunteers who are military, DOD employees, and educators in the community.

How are scholarship recipients determined?

Applications are assessed using a rubric that aligns with various aspects of the application, including transcripts, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, leadership roles, honors and awards, essays, and two letters of recommendation. The Scholarship Committee calculates an average score from the eight judges’ evaluations.

When will I know if I will receive a scholarship?

Scholarship recipients will be notified via email no later than mid-May.

How much funding can I expect to receive?

On average, our scholarships range from $750-$5,000. The amount available for scholarships may vary from year to year depending on our funding sources.

How will I receive the scholarship funds?

Scholarship funds will be sent directly to the education institution beginning in July of the scholarship year. Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, room and board, as well as books and supplies.

Is it possible to combine this scholarship with other scholarships or sources of financial aid?

This scholarship is combinable with other scholarships, except when you have already accepted a full four-year scholarship that covers tuition, room, and board from an alternative source, or if you have received an appointment to a military service academy.

What is Sheer ID?

Sheer ID is a streamlined service similar to that allows users to securely submit documents to quickly verify military affiliation. In addition to reducing our paper usage, we hope Sheer ID will improve the application process. More information can be found here.