Fort Cavazos Family Scholarship Fund Board

Angel E.


It is an honor and privilege to serve as President of this impactful organization. I firmly believe that education is the cornerstone of personal growth and success. This belief is the core of believe education is the key to unlocking one’s true potential and finding a meaningful and successful career.

One of my driving passions is to serve others, and it is deeply gratifying to know that through our efforts, we are making a significant impact on the lives of military families. Our scholarships provide crucial support, opening doors to educational opportunities that can lead to improved quality of life, career advancement, and personal development.

Education is not just a means to acquire knowledge; it is a powerful tool that empowers individuals to become better versions of themselves. In my role as President, I am committed to advocating for education and scholarships. I am dedicated to raising awareness about the transformative potential of education and ensuring that our organization continues to provide valuable resources and opportunities to those we serve.

Together, with the support of our dedicated team and generous donors, we can continue to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families, helping them achieve their educational and career goals. It is a privilege to lead this organization in its mission to empower military dependents through education, and I am excited about the impact we can create together.

Melissa S.

Vice President

Hello! My husband of 15 years and our 5 kids arrived here in 2018. I wanted to learn more about our new community, so I jumped right into volunteering and community service. I have served in many volunteer positions in the community from SFRG Leader to various positions within the Fort Cavazos Spouses Club. I served recently as the president of Fort Cavazos Spouses Club from 2022 to 2023. Now, I’m I am thrilled to embark on a new journey with the Fort Cavazos Family Scholarship Fund. As Vice President, I plan to work closely with high school counselors, seniors and military spouses to facilitate the pursuit of higher education. I have a passion for continuing education and hope to alleviate some of the financial stress accompanied with college. I hope to ensure all schools in our service areas have access, if military dependents qualify, for a scholarship.

Rodecia D.

Grant Writer

Hello, my name is Rodecia. I am super excited to serve in the role of Grant Writer. I have many years in the grants arena and other nonprofit volunteer capacities. I look forward to supporting this organization with research, development, and writing to continue to reach funding goals for the academic scholarship program. Recognizing that military spouses and children face many unique challenges to pursue higher education; I am happy to serve in this capacity to assist in building community relations and with grant opportunities that will help reduce financial barriers to military families in the Ft. Cavazos service area.

Kristie N.

Event Coordinator

Hi, I’m Kristie and I’m serving as the Events Chairperson this year.  I have been an Army wife for over 27 years and have raised 3 amazing kids.  I am a teacher by profession and highly value education and know that financial scholarships can help make college a reality for our military spouses and kids.  With 2 of my children benefiting from military scholarship funds at different installations, I wanted to be able to give back by volunteering for such a valuable organization.  I look forward to contributing and serving in this capacity and making the end of year ceremony a success.



This position is currently vacant.

Tammi B.


Hello, my name is Tammi and I am excited to serve as Treasurer for this highly respected organization! I sincerely believe that a path to confidence,
empowerment, and success is through education, and access for continued education should be granted to everyone, equally. The scholarship fund
provides our military families such opportunities and offers tremendous benefits toward achieving their personal and professional goals. Understanding that military scholarships help our community is rewarding and I am proud to be part of this organization.

Janene C.

Advisory Committee Chair

Janene has just recently joined our team as the Advisory Committee Chair. Welcome Janene!

Jazmine R.


I am thrilled to oversee publicity for the FCFSF. Having once been a scholarship recipient myself at a previous duty station, I’ve experienced firsthand the profound impact financial contributions have on advancing education. It’s both an honor and a privilege to serve on this board, knowing that I am part of an organization that not only recognizes the importance of furthering education, but also makes a positive impact on others by helping bring them closer to their education goals.

2022-2023 Board members L-R: Samantha H., Summer B., Angel E., and Heather B. Photograph by Khanetic Images.

Past Board Members