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One person can make a significant impact! We deeply value every donation received and commit ourselves fervently to aiding countless military dependents on their educational endeavors.

The Fort Cavazos Family Scholarship Fund plays a pivotal role in eliminating obstacles to achieving higher education and enhancing the overall well-being of military families. Through the provision of academic scholarships to both high school seniors and military spouses residing in the Fort Cavazos area, we actively strive to enhance educational opportunities and uplift the quality of life for these valued families.

2022-2023 Scholarship Recipients | Photography by Khanetic Images



Scholarships awarded
in the last 10 years


Total funds awarded
in the last 10 years

2023 Quick Facts

Scholarship awards for academic institutions ranged from $750 to $5,000.

A total of 50 scholarships were awarded, totaling $83,500. The awardees were comprised of 45 high school students receiving a total of $71,500 and 5 spouses receiving a total of $12,000.

The largest donations came from on-post organizations such as the Fort Hood Area Thrift Shop and Fort Cavazos Spouses’ Club. Military associations, local businesses, civic organizations, and individual donors are also very generous with their support.

More than 95% of donations received were applied to scholarship awards; less than 5% were used for administrative costs.